One Week in Valletta Malta

Malta, a small and beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is a destination known to every sailor around the world. Due to it’s central location, today it is an International hub for container transshipment, and also a major financial hub. Although I had the opportunity to visit the port many times, due to the short stay in the port (usually 12 to 18 hours), I never had time to really enjoy the island.

That is until the summer of 2016 when due to an unexpected engine problem, we were instructed by the shipowner to go to the Palumbo shipyard in Malta. When I started to plot the route, to my surprise I saw that the site is located straight in the heart of Valletta harbour, the capital of Malta.

The entrance to the bay was very narrow, the pilot carefully maneuvering our 300 meters ship through the walls and medieval fortifications of the entrance to the port of Valletta. But at the same time, this does offer some very nice views, being the same views as the tourists on the cruise ships enjoy when they come here.

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O saptamana in Valletta Malta

One Week in Valletta Malta ENGLISH Article

Malta, o insulita mica si superba in mijlocul Marii Meditaraneene. Este o destinatie cunoscuta oricarui vaporean, fiind astazi un centru International de transbordare marfa, in special containere. Desi am avut ocazia sa vizitez de nenumarate ori portul, datorita sederii scurte in port de 12-18 ore, nu am avut niciodata timp sa savuram insula cum trebuie.

Asta pana in vara lui 2016 cand datorita unei probleme tehnice neasteptate, am fost instruiti de armator sa mergem catre santierul naval Palumbo din Malta. Cand m-am apucat sa fac ruta, spre surprinderea mea am vazut ca santierul este fix in inima orasului Valletta, capitala statului insula Malta.

Intrarea in golf a fost foarte stramta, pilotul manevrand cu grija nava noastra de 300 de metri printre zidurile si fortificatiile medievale de la intrarea in portul Valletta. Dar in acelasi timp ofera privelisti de vis, fiind aceleasi privelisti care le au si turistii de pe navele de croaziere care vin aici.

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After visiting a large part of Europe, I present you my top 10 of the most beautiful cities that have left a memorable impression. The top is composed only of the cities I visited, I’m sure there are other beautiful cities out there that I have not yet had the chance to visit. For these I’m waiting for your suggestions in the comments section. We have included only the cities that have preserved their character and authentic beauty, not including those who have sacrificed their personality just for the sake of tourism (I can give Venice as an example of this)

10 Paris – France

I wasn’t sure if this city deserves to be included in the top because it can also easily be included in the list of the most overrated cities to visit and depending on the area you stay, it can also be included in the list of the most dangerous cities to visit. In principle, the French capital lives on the laurels of the past, but although the city of lights doesn’t shine so bright as it used to, it is still quite bright and appealing. The central area that you see as a tourist is still very beautiful and an example of urban planning to be looked up to. Also, the city offers a very large concentration of attractions that will keep you busy for at least a week, so it’s always a safe bet for a successful holiday. Protests, strikes and locals who do not speak English and who do not stand criticism towards their city or their country, all make sure you get a really authentic experience.

9 Valletta – Malta


Valletta – Malta Review

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Valletta – orasul capitala al acestei tarisoare insula din UE , trantita fix in mijlocul Mediteranei sub Italia , este un oras superb cu o arhitectura medievala foarte bine conservata. Insula a trecut prin maini arabe , si mai tarziu stapanita de Cavalerii lui Sfantul Ion , populatia vorbind maltaneza care e un fel de combinatie intre italiana si araba dar vorbesc si italiana , engleza asa de dragul turistilor omniprezenti. La doar 20 de minute cu autobuzul de portul in care eram pe drum se poate admira si restul insulei , au facut o treaba foarte buna oamenii de acolo , toate cladirile fiind construite sau macar imbracate in Continue reading “Valletta – Malta Review”