Romania road trip across the country


It was the summer of 2017 and the weather was perfect for a Romania road trip. We decided to take advantage of our last vacation days and the available accommodation vouchers, so we jumped in the car and went roaming across Romania for a week. Our tour started at the “Danube Boilers”, stopping along the way at Orsova, Dubova, Timisoara, Deva, Hunedoara, Alba Iulia, Sovata, Praid, Sighisoara, Brasov and via Transfagarasan back to Constanta. As usual, the trip was planned on short notice and the accommodation was chosen from what was available through a travel agency.

Day 1: We hit the roads of our motherland, where, as I have mentioned in the previous article Road trip to Budapest, the experience can be excruciating and you will spend a lot of hours stuck in traffic on narrow 2 lanes national roads. From Constanta to Orsova we chose the route via Bucharest – Pitesti – Rm. Valcea with a stopover at Targul Jiu to see the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi. As soon as you exit A1 motorway in Pitesti, the ordeal starts and doesn’t stop until Timisoara when we return on the A1. Lately on the good roads of Romania we found loose gravel that is not compressed by the special machines, but rather by cars in open traffic, the kind of gravel that shreds your hood and your windshield in a million pieces  – WHAT THE FUCK?! The incident appeared on national news , hundreds of drivers got their cars damaged in the process and nobody was held accountable.

We chose to stop at Targul Jiu specially to see the sculptures of the well known sculptor Constantin Brancusi. The first unpleasant surprise we had was when we were driving to Brancusi Park but along the way we elegantly  drove past the Infinity Column. The column is in separate park on the opposite side of the city from the other representative sculptures , the Kiss Gate and the Table of Silence of the famous sculptor. Once in the park, after seeing the Kiss Gate and the Table of Silence, I left within half an hour because there is simply nothing else to do there. I can say that it is not worth the go out of your way just for this and the sculptures themselves are rather… unattractive. Brancusi’s works are not highlighted, and the only information that they actually belong to Constantin Brancusi are found on a small portable billboard in the park, you know the type of billboard you normally see in front on the terraces showing the daily menu. The Romanian authorities should take a visit to Brancusi’s workshop museum in Paris to get an idea on ​​how to display such a national value.

We go further on to Orsova and to the Danube Boilers. Orsova is one of the most beautiful cities we have seen on our side of the Danube, the river promenade that stretches all along the city is an absolute pleasure to walk, but the real star in the area, besides the superb scenery, is the recently renovated road that cuts the gorge of the Continue reading “Romania road trip across the country”

Weekend road trip : Sighisoara – Bistrita – Cluj Napoca – Sibiu – Transfagarasan

Dupa multe planuri si amanari am reusit sa plec la munte cateva zile , traseul a fost unul minunat incluzand valea prahovei , Sighisoara, targu-mures , bistrita , cluj napoca , sibiu si la intoarcere traversarea transfagarasanului cu Dacia chiar 🙂 . Am revazut Sighisoara dupa renovarea cetatii si trebuie sa mentionez ca pavajul ales este de 2 lei , plus faptul ca s-au inmultit tiganii pe acolo , am vizitat cea mai veche biserica catolica acreditata din Romania (la Herina – Bistrita) , ne-am intalnit la Cluj cu tovarasul Punga (aka hopa Mitica pe blog) si am savurat viata de noapte de acolo dar si centrul istoric pus frumos la punct din punctul asta de vedere am realizat ca Constanta suckes dar si ei cam suck la capitolul strazi asfaltate , trotuare amenajate , parcari bla bla ; langa Cluj este salina Turda care este un must see pentru oricine , peisajul SF din inauntru este bestial ; revizitat my favourite city in Romania : Sibiu care e la fel de frumos cum l-am lasat 😀 , si cireasa de pe tort traversarea Transfagarasanului , o experienta de neuitat. Multumim sefului lui Dex pentru GPS-ul imprumutat , a facut minuni jucaria aia , fara harti , intrebat directii , plus avantajul de a conduce ca in NFS stiind ce urmeaza in fata mai ales la depasasiri , must buy one of those soon.

Cateva pics aici , more to come.

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the oldest catholic Church in Romania (at Herina near Bistrita) sec XIII

Salina Turda

Cluj Napoca center

Catholic Cathedral Saint Mihail

near Corvin’s house

Cluj Orthodox Cathedral

Sibiu 2010 – capitala bunelor maniere