Why Romanians are still mourning the communist regime after 29 years?

Every year during the winter holidays we see articles about communism and the death of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who was shot for treason on Christmas day 25 December 1989. If I look at the comments, I see every time the same quarrels are born between 2 camps. The first is comprised of those who remember the famine, the secret police, travel restrictions, absolute government control, invasion of personal life, control of the press and the restriction of freedom of speech, rationing of food, gas, electricity and heating… . and on the side we have the group of people that does not remember any of these things, but just remembers simpler times when you had the security of the day of tomorrow (even if it was a bad and bitter day).

As far as I noticed young people and generally those that are educated, traveled and had contact with the outside world, they are part of the first group. In the second group we tend to find some middle aged and a large part of the elderly part of the population. They are the nostalgic who have worked their whole life at the factory and enjoyed the benefits of the early years of communism when the country was growing. For them, the last harsh period (1980-1989) of Communism did not mean much, and the period after it brought only destruction, inflation, pension cuts and they saw their entire working life reduced to a few Lei (National Currency units). They obviously have no interest in traveling outside, or in getting to know the world outside of Romania. They voted for most of their life the Communist Party, and now it’s seems only natural for them to vote for the red socialist party PSD which is largely comprised of the same people that were in charge during communist times. Unfortunately they are locked in a loophole of promises that their pension will increase and lured in by speeches that they and their work are still respected by someone in the country. Lately more and more young people tend to join this group. They are part of the group of young people disappointed with the current democracy in Romania. These people, generally found in rural areas are not well educated or exposed to the outside world, and are the kind of people who do not want to struggle too much in life to get things done. For them a system where you get offered a home and a job on a silver platter in exchange for personal sacrifices of liberties sound pretty good.

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De ce Romanii inca plang dupa comunism dupa 29 de ani?

Why Romanians are still mourning the communist regime after 29 years?

In fiecare an in perioada sarbatorilor de iarna vedem articole despre comunism si moartea dictatorului Nicolae Ceausescu. Daca ma uit la comentarii de fiecare data se nasc aceleasi certuri intre tabara care isi aminteste de foamete, securitate, restrictii de calatorie, control absolut, imvaziune asupra vietii personale, asupra presei si asupra libertatii de exprimare , ratii de macare, curent si caldura…. si tabara care nu isi aminteste deloc aceste chestii, ci doar isi amintesc vremuri simple cand aveai siguranta zilei de maine (fie ea una rea si amarata).

Din cate am observat tinerii si in general oamenii cu capul pe umeri, educati si umblati prin lume fac parte din prima categorie, iar cei de varsta a doua tarzie si mai ales a treia sunt nostalgicii care au muncit o viata intreaga la uzina si s-au bucurat de beneficiile primilor ani ai comunismului cand tara era in crestere. Pentru ei ultima perioada (80-89) din comunism nu a insemnat mare lucru, iar perioada de dupa a insemnat doar distrugere ,inflatie, micsorare a pensiilor si si-au vazut o viata intreaga de munca redusa la cativa lei. Ei evident nu au interes sa calatoreasca afara, sau sa cunoasca lumea exterioara Romaniei. Au votat o viata intreaga rosu PCR, si acum li se pare doar normal si natural sa voteze tot rosu PSD fiind blocati in bucla promisiunii ca pensia lor li se va mari si ca ei si munca lor inca e respectata de cineva in tara. Tot mai mult isi face prezenta in aceasta tabara si o categorie de tineri dezamagiti de actuala democratie din Romania. Acesti oameni, in general nu prea educati sau umblati, sunt genul de oameni care nu vor sa isi bata capul prea mult sa obtina chestii in viata, si pentru ei un sistem in care ti se ofera pe tava casa si loc de munca in schimbul la sacrificii personale suna bine.

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