First 48 days in Marseille

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One and a half months ago, I was packing my baggage to go to the airport again, only this time I was not leaving to board a ship for 5 months, but to a new job and a new life. I explained in great detail why I wanted to quit sailing in the much controversial and popular own article “After six years at sea”, so after the last voyage I made the final decision to look for something to work on land. I have ill spoken a lot about our country Romania (and for good reasons considering that people are working for 300-400 EUR / month and the government is ripping you off on absolutely every step of the way!) and I have seen too many beautiful and civilized places in this world during my voyages to ever settle there, so the only option left for me was to become an expat.

Most of my  CVs were sent in English-speaking countries, especially in the UK, but since the whole Brexit phenomenon, most companies  have been reluctant to hire East Europeans. Fate decided that the lucky interview would land me in Marseille, France, a city of which I did not know much about , in a country whose language I ​​vaguely understand and speak. It was this or other positions somewhere in South Africa or Mexico so guess what I chose.

I only had sea experience on my resume so the only way to make the transition to land was to remain in the maritime business. I will not say the name of the

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Primele 48 de zile in Franta / First 48 days in France


Marseille dupa 48 de zile de locuit.

Acum o luna si jumatate imi faceam iar bagajul sa ma duc spre aeroport , doar ca de data asta numai plecam la vapor pentru 5 luni, ci la un nou job si o noua viata. Am explicat foarte detaliat de ce numai am vrut sa navig in mult controversatul si cititul articol propiu “Dupa sase ani pe mare” , asa ca dupa voiajul trecut am luat decizia definitiva de a imi cauta ceva la uscat. Am injurat mult tara noastra Romania (si pe buna dreptate considerand ca se munceste pe 300-400 EUR si guvernul te jegmaneste absolut la fiecare pas!) si am vazut mult prea multe locuri frumoase si civilizate pe lumea asta in timpul voiajelor ca sa ma pot stabili definitiv acolo , asa ca singura optiune era de a deveni expat afara.

Majoritatea CV-urilor trimise au fost in tari vorbitoare de Engleza , mai ales in Marea Britanie , dar de cand cu Brexitul se cam sfiesc firmele sa angajeze Est Europeni. Soarta a facut ca interviul norocos sa ma aterizeze in Marsilia, Franta. Un oras despre care nu stiam in principiu mai nimic , intr-o tara a carei limbi o inteleg vag. Era asta sau alte pozitii pe undeva prin Africa de Sud sau Mexic asa ca ghiciti ce am ales.

Fiind doar cu experienta pe mare , cam singura cale de a face tranzitia la uscat era sa raman in domeniu maritim , nu voi zice numele firmei dar fiind in Marsilia cred ca nu e asa greu de ghicit. Asa ca imi rezerv dreptul de a comenta si implica in orice discutie despre shipping , mai ales ca acum am acces la o perspectiva mult mai generala a sistemului , nu doar de pe vapor la fata locului , voi reveni si cu detalii de la locul de munca mai tarziu.

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Good games worth playing: Assassin’s Creed Unity English Review

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A great game, one of the few appearances this year that really deserves praise. The  series from Ubisoft continues, after the semi failure of Black Flag’s childish pirate game, the series makes a spectacular come back.  After you have explored Jerusalem and the holy lands during the Crusades; Florence, Venice and Rome during the Renaissance ; Boston and New York during the American War of Independence, the next episode brings us to beautiful Paris during the French Revolution.

Paris is rendered superb, and if you have a system that supports graphics at maximum details you will have some magnificent scenery. As in the other games every street,catacomb and roof of the city can be explored, either at the street level where you can enjoy the various animations of thousands of citizens, or jumping from  roof to roof in free running mode. But not all is reduced to great  graphics, the city’s atmosphere stands out through realism, sounds, events and all the surprises that you find at every street corner, take a moment looking around and you will be very pleasantly surprised if you sit and watch how people spent their time during those times, while in front of government buildings there are large crowds of people protesting against royalty and nobility while looking at improvised scenes on which there is usually a guillotine , in other parts of the city people go on with their own business , craftsman are working , sellers try to attract customers to stalls , a woman is selling newspapers, a dog is looking for it’s owner a cat sleeps on a balcony and an old man with an accordion successfully encourage people to dance in front of the cafe. Numerous monuments of the city are present and explorable , such as Notre Dame, the Pantheon, the faimous prison  La Bastille , the royal palace and the palace of the Louvre, Champs Elysee boulevard  and the magnificent Royal Palace Versailles , where the story begins. The scene with the ball in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles is simply incredible. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Unity PC Game Review

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Un joc excelent  , una din putinele aparitii de anul acesta care chiar merita laudata.  Cei de la Ubisoft au continuat seria , revening spectaculos dupa semi esecul copilaresc cu pirati din Black Flag , astfel ca dupa ce ati explorat Ierusalemul si taramurile sfinte in timpul cruciadelor ; Florenta ,  Venetia si Roma in timpul Renasterii si Bostonul cu New York in timpul razboiului American de independenta , urmatorul episod ne aduce superbul Paris in timpul revolutiei Franceze.

Parisul este redat superb , iar daca aveti un sistem care sa suporte grafica la detalii maxime veti avea parte de niste peisaje magnifice. Motorul grafic a fost sesizabil imbunatatit , putand reda orasul ziua , seara sau noaptea , iar camera reactioneaza natural imitand ochiul uman si isi schimba modul cum percepi mediul inconjurator cand te uiti de exemplu direct spre soare. Ca si in celelalte jocuri fiecare straduta , catacomba si acoperis din oras pot fi explorate , ori de la nivelul strazii unde puteti savura animatiile miilor de cetateni , ori sarind de pe acoperis pe acoperis in modul free running. Dar nu se reduce totul Continue reading

My travel map -updated

Am gasit o aplicatie interesanta pe facebook in care pui un ac albastru in locurile pe unde ai fost , era si inainte ceva de genu sub alto forma dar au sterso. La mine cam asa arata pana acum 😀 . sper sa umplu pun cat mai multe cuie acolo.

…si cam asa arata azi 07-06-2011 dupa update

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